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Silly Bandz Fundraiser

Event Overview

We have partnered with BuzzBandz to offer Autism Speaks U student leaders 50% off their entire order of Autism Speaks Silly Bandz. In order to receive the discount, 100% of the proceeds from these fundraisers must go directly to Autism Speaks. Fundrasiing with Silly Bandz is an extremely easy way to spread awareness and raise funds on campus and in the community. You can sell packs of Silly Bandz, or even sell each band for a $1. Either way, it's a fun way to get students to help support an important cause. To get 50% off silly bandz, order them at

Ease Factor

This is really one of the easiest fundraisers to host! Bring Silly Bandz everywhere and sell them anywhere (i.e. sports games, bake sales, benefit concerts, bowling tournaments, etc.).


This is a perfect opportunity to get everyone familiar with the puzzle piece symbol and its meaning. It's also a fantastic way to get your feet wet in fundraising and to start promoting autism awareness on campus.

Fun Factor

You will have a great time selling the bandz and having students show you what Silly Bandz they already wear!

Step-by-Step Event Instructions

1. Order Silly Bandz at This URL is only for Autism Speaks U student leaders and orders must be placed at to receive the discount. There are also bulk rates!

3. Get creative on where you want to sell the bandz. You can start selling them at the beginning/end of class, parties, tailgates, sporting events, club meetings, etc.

4. Advertise on your Facebook and Twitter page that Silly Bandz are available for purchase through you or your committee/chapter members. Remember to include a contact email and/or phone number, so people can get in touch with you to place an order.

5. In order to receive the 50% off discount, 100% of the proceeds from your Silly Bandz fundraiser will need to benefit Autism Speaks. Please convert cash into a check or money order, made out to Autism Speaks, and send to
Autism Speaks | Attn: Sarah Caminker | 1 East 33rd Street, 4th Floor | New York, NY 10016.

Additional Event Tips/Notes

The Autism Speaks U Chapter at Saint Mary's College has sold over 170 Silly Bandz on campus! Numerous professors purchased them for their children, so remember to stop by the faculty's offices. You can even ask them if they will let you make an announcement at the start/end of class, so everyone knows that you're selling Silly Bandz. Who knows who could be interested! The chapter also had students in the education department purchase the bandz to give out in their classes and in the community. Try to see if students in other majors will purchase the bands in larger quantities, so they can sell them on your behalf!