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Fraternity Holds Wings Night for Autism Speaks

Iowa State Daily
Frances Myers

Andy Barker, freshman in aerospace engineering, pours sauce on wings from Buffalo Wild Wings. Joshua Fiddelke, freshman in business, left, and Josh Carritt, junior in computer engineering, look on. Barker, Fiddelke and Carritt are members of Theta Delta Chi. The fraternity held a benefit for Autism Speaks, a autism science and advocacy organization, Thursday, April 5.

“We’re hoping it gets bigger from here.”

These were the words of Chris Broman, senior in history and member of Theta Delta Chi fraternity, as he talked about their benefit fundraiser for Autism Speaks.

Thursday night the fraternity of Theta Delta Chi was busy serving up Buffalo Wild Wings to students and Ames community members who stopped by, as part of their philanthropy fundraising event for the national organization Autism Speaks.

“This year was our first year doing it for Autism Speaks,” said Clayton Short, freshman in meteorology and junior executive. “Recently, that became the national philanthropy for our national chapter, so this is our first philanthropy event for it.”

Within the first 10 minutes, they said they ran out of 500. Within the first hour, the fraternity sold over 1,500 wings out of the original 2,200 they ordered.

“This was more of a trial run for us,” Broman said. “It’s definitely been a learning experience. We know now what we can and can’t do. Next year we’re hoping to make it even bigger and make it into more of a weeklong event. We’re looking at having a light up blue campaign and an information booth at the Memorial Union as well as another event like this.”

Peter Ampe, open option freshman, is a new member of the fraternity. He thought the whole event was a very eye-opening experience.

“I got off class at six and when I got here, there was a line of people clear out the door,” he said. “I struggled with even getting in the door. It’s really cool that people come to support us in this. It’s just been really fun. Next year we’ll definitely have to get more wings. This year we ran out for a little bit, and people were still waiting in line while we ordered more.”

Autism Speaks is a national organization that was founded in February 2005.

According to their website, “Autism Speaks has grown into the nation's largest autism science and advocacy organization, dedicated to funding research into the causes, prevention, treatments and a cure for autism; increasing awareness of autism spectrum disorders; and advocating for the needs of individuals with autism and their families.”

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Date: 4/5/2012