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Training FAQs

  1. I've just started. How often should I be training?

    As a beginner runner, it is important to build your fitness up gradually, thereby allowing your body to steadily adapt to the new loads that you are imposing upon it. This way you will progress safely without risking injury or over-fatigue. The key when you begin is to follow a training day with one, two or even more rest days so that by the time of your next training session, you have no muscle fatigue and will be refreshed. Gradually, as your fitness improves, you will find that you can train more frequently.

  2. How much time should I allow between eating and running?

    Fueling your running sessions is extremely important. However, if you eat too close to your run, it can make you feel unwell and your performance will suffer. Allow at least 1.5 hours between eating and exercising and longer than this (typically up to 3 hours) if your run session is going to be more intense. Everyone is different, and gastric emptying occurs at different rates in different individuals – plus the type of meal that you eat will affect how quickly it is processed – so experiment with what suits you to find your optimum personal timescales.