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New to TeamUp?

Welcome! We want your first visit with us to be an easy and fun experience. We offer options to show your support and raise funds for Autism Speaks while competing. If you are running, we have branded clothing for that, if you are doing a tri, we have clothes for that too. Whatever event you want to do, we got you covered!

Option #1

When Autism Speaks has an official charity team in a race, apply to become an official member. When accepted, you agree to the fundraising minimum required. You will benefit by receiving custom Autism Speaks clothing, pre-event dinners, and much, much more. See our current calendar of events for more information as to what is available.

Option #2

Have your own race entry for an event, but you want to be a part of our official team? Email and we can set up you with a fundraising page and make you a member of the team. If you raise the minimum required, which is lower than those who receive a race entry, you will receive the benefits of the charity team if there is one entered.

Option #3

If Autism Speaks does not have any entries for a race you are participating in but you still want to raise money and awareness for Autism Speaks, we can set you up with a Team Up page. And there are some benefits!

  • If you raise $500+ before the event, we will send you a Team Up! Dri-Fit Singlet.
  • If you raise $1500+ we will send you a Team Up! Dri-Fit singlet and a Dri-Fit hat to wear while participating.

Option #4

Do you want to create your own fundraising race for Autism Speaks? Fabulous idea! Email to learn more!

  • Join Now! What re you waiting for? Autism Speaks makes running in races a "TEAM" sport.

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